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Our slogans

  • Just Web 3.0. No hype.
  • NFT 2.0 for all
  • Stop selling JPEGs. Sell utility
  • Brings utility to your NFT
  • Spice up your NFT
  • Add utility to NFT in a few clicks
  • Dive and drive into NFT2.0
  • Unleashing the Power of NFTs with Utility: Join Envelop DAO Today

Description for the media

DAO Envelop is established in 2021. Develops crosschain Protocol and Oracle for wrapped NFTs, and builds Indexes (L3) based on them

DAO Envelop builds a cross-chain no-code solution to create smart NFTs


Our mission

DAO Envelop's mission is to create free economic cooperation through programmable assets.

Let’s make something awesome together!

  • Envelop telegram group
  • NIFTSY is token
  • Envelop telegram group (China)
  • Envelop telegram group (Russia)
  • Blog about Web 3.0
  • Github of our NFT project
  • Envelop. NFTs YouTube Channel
  • Envelop TikTok Channel
  • Instagram envelop.project
  • Our twitter
  • Envelop Discord group
  • Envelop telegram group (DeWeb)
  • Envelop Facebook